TSP Special Edition: Catherine Rondeau, CCA Resident Artist

Please come for a sneak peek at Catherine Rondeau’s work in progress and her studio-flat, a part of CCA normally invisible to the public.

This special addition to TalkSeePhotography will see CCA studio resident artist Catherine Rondeau in dialogue with Melanie Letoré about the series she has been creating since arriving in Glasgow last March.

Closely connected to the culture of storytelling, the narratives developed in the Montreal artist’s dreamlike images revolve around
the shaping of identity. Her residency photo project investigates the
archetypical meaning at the heart of the Scottish folktale “The Selkie Bride”. And more specifically the metaphor between the seal-skin and a woman’s powerful inner self, a natural creative state often lost under years and layers of socialisation.

Catherine Rondeau:

Melanie Letoré:

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