May 2018: Jannica Honey on Music and Photography

This event takes place in the cinema at CCA 7pm Monday the 14th of May.

The last TalkSeePhotography before the summer will see Jannica Honey will speak about her collaborations with musicians. Music and Photography have a long standing relationship. From Blue Note to Bowie to Kendrick Lamar the meeting of the two form a zeitgeist for cultural production. In expertly shot Jazz portraits Gordon Parks, Novelist Ralph Ellison and Roy DeCarava visually manifested African American contributions to American culture. Robert Frank’s beatnic works which led to an album cover for the Rolling Stones and a never released film was dovetailed by the punk scene where Annie Leibovitz immortalized female icon Patty Smith. The transmissions between the scenes are rapid, fertile and interchangeable. Visually savvy artists like Beyonce samples art history and contemporary art, not the least photography for her video material, and working within the music scene are possibly one of the most attractive commissions a photographer can get. Please come and contribute to a foray into working with the visual scene in music.  



As announced in the previous TSP Ruudu Ulas will take over TSP from September making this Ninas last event.