TSP September 2017

2017.September. Christine Goodman & Daniele Sambo copy

Image Credit: Christine Goodman & Daniele Sambo

Event date: Monday, September 11 2017

Christine Goodman & Daniele Sambo

TalkSeePhotography are pleased to present Christine Goodman and Daniele Sambo who have undertaken a joint residency at St Andrews Community Hospital. They will discuss the nature of their collaboration and the experience and narratives of the patients and families who worked alongside them.

In January 2017 visual artists Daniele Sambo and Christine Goodman began a joint residency at the St Andrews Community Hospital funded by the McKenzie Sisters’ Trust and Mary Moore Trust under the auspices of Art in Hospital, Glasgow. for sixteen weeks they facilitated art workshops at the hospital with patients from ward 1 and ward 2.

During the course of the residency they engaged with around 30 patients by offering a creative space to escape the daily hospital routine; access to art books and materials; the possibility of socialising in a different environment. A selection of the creative works facilitated by residency will be exhibited as part of St Andrew’s Photography festival throughout September, at the St Andrews Community Hospital and as part of Luminate Festival throughout October.