TalkSeePhotography May 2016

TalkSeePhotography May was delighted to host Genevia Sills and Sukaina Kubba for a discussion about Sills artistic practice.

Sills explores the questionable nature of the autobiography through highly aestheticised images which she carefully stages. Her practice is interwoven with historical and contemporary political concerns around subjectivity of sexuality and its object. In exquisite as well as explicit and unapologetically photographic tableaus Sill’s utilizes the performativity of the media. Adopting or appropriating the persona of  character, who historically has been entitled to act on his sexual and emotional impulse free of average consequences, Sills effectively references art history to politicize her sexual position in the arts through the work.

Sills who studied at The Glasgow School of Art MFA program was joined in conversation by Sukaina Kubba. Kubba is based in Glasgow and a tutor at Glasgow School of Art school. Both artists took part i GI this year. This event was a rare opportunity to see and discuss an inspired practice which stirs important questions around photography’s performativity, sexuality, gender, contextual links to history and its role in art contemporary.