TalkSeePhotography December

TalkSeePhotography December was a Curatorial Project Slam held by Melanie Letore, Emma Sandström, John Farrell, Alice Myers, and Ben Rush (Foco/Phoco).

Glasgow’s reputation as an internationally important city for contemporary art was this year highlighted once again when the Turner Prize arrived in the Tramway. The narratives about how Glasgow emerged and established itself one of Europe’s most culturally dominant cities the last 30 years are varied and many. Whether you subscribe to the idea of the Glasgow ‘Miracle’ or not; the one thing that cannot be ignored is the role of DIY tradition of the Glasgow art scene. Artist’s from around the world have come to Glasgow and found a generous and supportive peer infrastructure within the city that often manifested itself out-with the traditional confines of the white cube gallery.

Glasgow has a rich history of pop-up exhibitions, utilising unusual or forgotten spaces within the city and engaging the public with art as part of their daily lives. With that in mind TSPs second Curatorial Slam pays homage to this tradition. Working in collaboration with Café Milk on Victoria Road, TSPs December event will see a selection of Curatorial Proposals selected from an open present their ideas and projects to a panel of mentors and receive feedback and support from mentors and audience alike. Some of these projects will be selected to take part in Milk Diaries, a series of pop-up exhibitions and events taking place at Café Milk throughout 2016.