Call For Curatorial Submission Deadline 27 November.

Open Call for Curatorial Project Slam at TSP the 14 of december

TalkSeePhotography’s December event will be a curatorial slam. Again we will pick up on the Glaswegian tradition of DIY art by inviting individuals or groups to present a curatorial idea. This year’s event is held by Melanie Letore, Emma Sandström, John Farrell, Alice Myers, and Ben Rush (Foco/Phoco). We are a group of emerging and established artists with curatorial experience who wish to provide a photography specific curatorial opportunity.

We are looking for applications from curators or aspiring curators (individuals or groups) to submit a proposal to curate three exhibitions in a specific space over the course of one year. A number of proposals will be selected to present at TSP on the 14th of December where a panel consisting of the mentors will respond to and discuss the ideas. Following this four proposals will be selected for the curatorial project. The winner will be awarded the opportunity to execute three exhibitions and three runners up will each be awarded two. Mentorship and a small budget are available to support the selected projects.

What will the presentation entail?
Your presentation should be delivered in 10-15 minutes, which will be followed by a response session by the panel. The audience will be invited to participate in a subsequent discussion when all proposals have been presented. We will inform the applicants of the outcome within a few days.

What is the space?
The space in question is Cafe Milk on Victoria Road in Govanhill. Cafe Milk is a Community Interest Company. It is part of the TinCat which is a social enterprise set up to provide a safe and supportive environment for ethnic minority women in Glasgow. The space presents challenges and while the proposal does not have to relate to the purpose of the cafe its intentions should be considered. Certain changes to the interior can be made to accommodate the exhibition, such as moving plants and lamps but there are some obvious limitations and the cafe’s ordinary operations should not be be disrupted.

What are we looking for?
We invite photography related proposals. It is important that these include an exhibition, but events, performances, lectures, and discussions can also be part of the project. The proposal should be for three exhibitions which can be executed over the course of a year. We are looking for projects that challenge and develop different concepts and traditions of the medium. It will be helpful if the proposal contextualises how the three individual exhibitions connect to each other and contains a plan for the practical execution, such as marketing, information and documentation.

Who is eligible?
Anyone based in Scotland who is interested in exploring a curatorial experience or practice. The artists whose work you choose to show do not have to be based in Scotland.

What does the budget include?
The budget will be around £50 per show and is expected to cover the cost of flyers, hanging materials, etc. Milk will provide nibbles for the opening. Ten large posters per exhibition will be made in kind by Foco/Phoco.

What support is available?
Support will be available at all stages of the development. In the lead up to each show there will be a number of meetings to discuss all aspects of the show’s developments, from conceptual framing to marketing and promotion. Practical help will also be available before and during the installation of each show. It is up to each curator to source materials but the mentor group will assist within their powers or capabilities, i.e with ideas where to source stuff, with tech help, manpower, etc.

Proposal format
Please send a single PDF that includes max 300 words and 5-10 images or sketches to illustrate the project. It should give us the bones of the idea; What are you doing? Why are you doing it? How could you make it happen? Is it standalone exhibitions, or will it feature talks, or similar events? What would you like the project to achieve? What would you like it to leave behind?

Where to

If you are an artist, please do not send us an exhibition proposal that pushes your own artwork, unless it carries a convincing curatorial concept and includes people’s work who you do not usually operate with. Questions can be sent to

We look forwad to see what you have in mind.