TalkSeePhotography November

Iseult Timmermans and Basharat Khan at TalkSeePhotography November at CCA 7PM the 9th of November. (free entry)

I think it was 1993 when I feelt like this the last time. Had forgotten.

You and Us. 

Swede and Darkie.

Today was a new first time for me. An inauguration. For the first time I allowed myself to be provoked to fear by a racist troll on Facebook and took down a commetn I had posted. And why did this happen? Well it’s like this you see, I have children that go to school. And who knows when the racist will decide it’s time to burn or in other ways harm or kill a child or two to protect this country from Terrorists or to fight for the right to be the only kind of people who have the liberty to emigrate and keep to their reasons to do so private.

What idiots… and I.. I am evidently afraid of idiots… (Text and Image inline Trinidad Carrillo)


The incident that the Sweden based artist Carrillo writes about has not happened in isolation. It follows a large number of arson attacks both on existing and planned refugee accommodation which are dovetailing a growing normalisation of xenophobic rhetoric in the public domain. This happens when the immediacy the so called “crisis” subsides and the condition becomes normality as biopolitics gets increasingly asymmetrically organised and polarised. How can one make work productive and possible under circumstances where politics set people against people, when resentment grows to hate and any altermatives are dissimissed as naive?

In response to this and to the important questions (at the last TalkSeePhotography event with Alison Phipps, Tawona Sithole and Alice Myers) about photographic representation that engage with questions of  rights to, not only temporary safety, but also a future in an increasingly hardened political climate it has been urgent to follow up with a conversation about such practice in the long term.

Therefore I am happy to be able to announce that the community artists Iseult Timmermans and Basharat Khan, will present at TalkSeePhotography’s november event. Iseult Timmermans is one of scotland’s most experienced a artists working with collaborative practice in marginalised communities. Her work at Red Road in particular stands out as a practice with long term engagement in multiple projects, such as workshops, open portrait studios, environmental exhibitions, setting up a gallery/darkroom/studio space and commissions. Basharat Khan is one of Iseults recurring collaborators at Red Road, has since their first work together developed an independent practice where he works together with a vide variety of communities, realising mainly short films in collaboration with them.

Iseult Timmermans is a Glasgow School of Art graduate She is also artist in residence with GRAMnet. Basharat Khan is a Glasgow City College graduat. He founded Bashcreative an organisation which works with outreach programs. Updates to the event are likely so keep your eyes posted.

Featured Post Image Iseult Timmermans