Distant Land


Distant Land is a one-year project Marco Scerri undertook in 2012 while studying photography at Glasgow
School of Art. It’s a cross-disciplinary reportage featuring undocumented Sub-Saharan African immigrants and asylum seekers whose journeys led them to the Mediterranean island of Malta.

This project was my first attempt at approaching this unfolding humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean region and has led me to question and reflect on the role of documentary practices in this field. I’m hoping to use this reportage as a starting point for producing work that looks into the impact of aesthetic journalism on ways human migration is perceived in society.

How can one humanise the already human? This is perhaps one of the central responsibilities of the contemporary Maltese artist: to help return to migrants the humanity that they would appear to have automatically forfeited as they laid a foot outside the confines of their national maps, or onto the crowded boat that took them across the waves.

Antoine Cassar