May 11 2015: Alice Gordon and John McDougall

The Female Landscape. TSP May is a panel discussion programed by Alice Gordon and John McDougall which will run in parallel with the show A Glass Expanse at Six Foot Gallery. The panel features Aileen Campbell (CGC), Gillian Gilbert (FA photographer), Nina Bacos (TalkSee) and Sarah Amy Fishlock (Gooseflesh). The organisers suggest that a renewed discussion around how women are organising themselves may be required and this event aim to explore what the priorities of such a conversation would be.


The invited panel have been asked to discuss the paradigms for existing as well as emerging female practitioners, and the roles (if any) that gender performs in the making of work and in the placement of the artist within the professional landscape.  Taking a point of departure in the exhibition the discussion will reflect on how feminism is defined  and what constitutes a genderized or feminist work in this context to explore if gender play a deterministic role within the making of work.  A Glass Expanse features ten emerging female photographes that presenting a body of self portraiture that negotiates the political, social and cultural landscape as viewed and defined by their lens. It is curated by Alice Gordon . Six Foots Month of Photography is part of IPS Photography Scotland’s Season of Photography for more information on this click on link here: Event Photo: Sarah Amy Fishlock