April 13 2015: Presentation Nordic Photography Network

The April session is a TalkSeePhotography International event with Alla Räisänen Director at Finnish photographer’s associations gallery Hippolyte Helsinki,  and Julia Heikkinen Deputy Director The Northern Photographic Centre Oulo. They will present their work at their respective organisation and contextualise this in relation to The Nordic Photography Network. which also includes Galleri Image Aarhus DK, Centrum För Fotografi from Stockholm SE, Fotogalleriet from Oslo, Forbundet Frie Fotografer from Oslo NO and Fotografisk Center from Copenhagen DK.


© Ida Piemenoff

The event has been made possible with the help of Creative Scotland and Finnish FRAME and is one in series to create sustainable productive relationships & exchanges between the Nordic and the Scottish scene.

NPN’s objective is to increase collaboration and deeper, mutual knowledge about artistic practices in the field of contemporary camera-based art within the Nordic countries and a broader international context. TSP International shares this aim to create transnational connections and this event has an outspoken networking aspect.

We believe the similar demography and geography which underpins the audience base in the different countries makes a strong case for developing stronger ties between the Scandinavian, Nordic and Scottish context. Heikkinen and Räisänen (who will be joined by Ida Pimenoff the day after TSP), journey here offer opportunities to share our aims and create openings for longer sustained collaborations and exchanges. A number of exchanges and meetings between different actors from the centre and the fringe of the photography scene will take place during the week to make this happen.

Alla Räisänen’s background is in the history of ideas with a specialisation in gender studies and her primary interest is in conceptual and northern photography. Julia Heikkinen specialism lies in international art-culture and artist mobility with a focus on photography. Ida Pimenoff is an internationally exhibited visual artist and has published 2 monographs with Kehrer Verlag.

TSP is also indebted to CCA, Street Level Photoworks, Stills, SCAN, Time Span, Belfast Exposed and Phoco who sharing time and in some cases space (CCA and Street Level) to make this intense week of work happen.