March 9 2015: Roundtable Discussion at CCA cinema 19.00-21.00


‘Les Bijoux’ © Maud Sulter Estate.

TalkSeePhotography’s March event is a follow up on the round table discussions about the Scottish photography scene which we had in April 2014. It aims to take stock on where we are, what has happened during the past year and how this may influence where we yet have to go in the future. The round table panel consist of Malcolm Dickson, (Streetlevel/IPS) Ben Harman (Stills/IPS), Ben Rush (PHOCO), and Amanda Catto (Creative Scotland) who kindly have agreed to report on their organisation’s activities in Scotland and beyond. Amanda will briefly explain Creative Scotland’s remits;  Malcolm and Ben H follow with a presentation of Institute Photography Scotland and this consortium’s activity to promote and develop photography culture in Scotland; and Ben R will describe the aims and development of the artist run initiative Phoco. Moderater: Jenny Brownrigg curator, writer and head of GSA exhibitions.

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To ensure making as many voices as possible are heard we ask individuals, collectives and organisations to send in questions that they consider are of high importance prior to the event.  This way we will be able to organise the Q&A effectively under clear subject matters and still leave room for an open discussion.   You can send questions in advance to Please submit your question in a short and concise manner within the following criteria:

  • your details
  • state subject
  • a question of up to 50 words
  • if the question addresses a specific panel member
  • please mark your email “Roundtable” in the subject space

© Anna Atkins – Glasgow Museums Collection

Additional Information To make as many voices heard as possible, questions will be grouped according to subject matter and edited into one question. This will be read out together with a signature of which people and groups have asked that specific question. It will be put to the appropriate panel member and subsequently opened up so the audience can participate in the discussion. Please note the following points: 1) Economy will no doubt be central but please be aware that this is not the forum for lengthy discussions of Creative Scotland’s funding strategies.  Having said this, it is fair to assume some funding question will be posed but please make them as strategic observations and accept that concrete answers may not be possible. 2) I can’t guarantee that there will be time to address every question nor that my editing will satisfy the concern you raised. If you feel this is the case please restate or add to the concern when the discussion opens up to the audience. 3) Please follow the given format or the question will unfortunately be bypassed. Thanks, TSP