February 2015: Not the Finished Article

TalkSeePhotography’s February event will see Not the Finished Article (NFA) share their ideas and strategies for their collective.


“Exquisite #001” © Not Finished Article, 2014

NFA is a collective of four established women artists based in Scotland with four distinct but complementary ways of practice which collectively incorporate photography, moving image, the found photograph and the museum collection. Portraiture and community collaboration also play a distinctive role.

NFA’s remit is to create a space to discuss and support work in progress, develop ideas and debate generated by our own work and other relevant contemporary practitioners. Food, drink, photography and half-baked ideas are essential.

Alongside their individual practices, NFA are currently working on a collaborative group project. This new piece will culminate in a co-authored body of work in Edinburgh on International Women’s Day in 2015.

Not the Finished Article are:

  • Nicky Bird
  • Alicia Bruce
  • Caroline Douglas
  • Sylwia Kowalczyk

The reason behind TalkSeePhotography is to facilitate a scene for critical dialogues within and across subject matters in order to inspire more productive nodes of making, writing & curating. The unsaid and repetitions are key to engender this, therefore the aim is that no question should remain unasked however difficult it may be to articulate it or how many times one may feel one has asked it.

NFA’s carefully deliberated ethos makes up a perfect opportunity to make such a conversation happen at TSP. The event is not ticketed and please note the doors open at 18.45 and the event starts at 7pm.

You can follow NFA on Twitter @notfinishedart