January 2015: Catherine Cameron & Jolanta Dolewska

TalkSeePhotography’s January event will see Glasgow based Catherine Cameron and Edinburgh based Jolanta Dolewska present their works.


© Catherine Cameron

Cameron and Dolewska employ the analogue methodologically in their practice. The choice to do so is philosophical as well as practical and it creates a crossover where it is possible to engage with the the tacit origins of their works. The differences in their output both repel and connect in complex relationships to the indexical, which in both cases is multiple steps removed from the actual imprint on the film. This does not mean that the work is removed from the realities of life, but instead it connects to fragmented realisations of truth struggles, power and love, in/dependence and expressing control of a light handed narrative.

Cameron (1962 Oslo, Norway) Lives and works in Glasgow. Prior to a BA (Hons) Fine Art Photography from GSA (2013), her work has been widely exhibited and included in museums and private collections globally. She received R.G.I’s Exhibition Award 2013 and is nominated to represent GSA for ReGeneration3 2015.

Dolewska (1979 Warsaw, Poland). BA (Hons) in University of Wales Newport (2007) and MA RCA London (2012). She has exhibited in the UK and Northern Ireland and internationally in Italy, Switzerland and South Korea. Dolewska received the Constance Fairness Foundation Prize (2011), The Photographers’ Gallery Award (2012), and was shortlisted for The Source-Cord Prize (2014).