December 2014: Curatorial slam

Talk See Photography’s December event will be a curatorial proposal slam and we are looking for submissions to be presented at the event.

Glasgow’s fine art scene has a worldwide reputation which is established far beyond the ordinary circles of fine art. The speculations as to why it is such a huge success are multiple some of them more truthful than others.  Earlier this year art critic Moira James articulated that the word “miracle” implicitly dismisses the hard work by individuals and collectives that make up the very foundation fof the generous system of peer exposure that sustains the city’s international art scene.

It is in other words the artist run initiatives, pop up galleries, and other collective and individual actions which on their own and sometimes with the kind support of institutions is the real secret to the success story of art in this city. Now TalkSeePhotography picks up on this proud Glaswegian tradition of DIY by organising a session where we invite individuals or groups to present a curatorial idea.

We are looking for Curators/want-to-be-Curators/Artists/Anyone with a vision of something photographic to curate/publish  to submit a proposal. An expert panel will give responses to the chosen proposals. Further guidelines at TalkSeePhotography FB or Scottish Contemporary art network under opportunities .

Respondees Seonaid Daly (SCAN), John Nicol, (Transmission) and Ben Rush (Phoco)


The successful proposals for TalkSeePhotography’s curatorial slam were made by the following:

Lachlan Young. Photobooks and Periodicals for the 21st Century?


Image: Lachlan Young

Young is a printer and photographer based in Glasgow. Over the last few years, he has become increasingly interested in the possibilities offered by combining letterpress and inkjet technology.
He will present a project that aims to bring the work of photographers currently working in Scotland to the attention of a wider audience by way of exceptionally high quality periodical publications.

Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte Postcards from Home

Kiliulyte is a Lithuanian photographer based in Glasgow. She is currently studying MLitt in Photography and Moving Image at the Glasgow School of Art, where she got her undergraduate degree in Visual Communication. The proposal Postcards from Home is a photographic curatorial project exploring the relationship in between photography, migration and memory.

Livia Marinescu Reframing the Periphery. Contemporary Photography from Eastern Europe

Marinescu is visual artist from Romania, working with video and photography, on the themes of identity and of healing. She have recently completed my degree in Art History at the University of St Andrews, with a dissertation on the photography of Josef Koudelka.

The project Reframing the Periphery. Contemporary Photography from Eastern Europe is a curatorial proposal that explores the possibility to challenge the conception of the eastern boundaries of Europe.

Arpita Shah and Katherine Parhar Trans Five.

Shah is an internationally exhibited India-born artist based in Scotland. she works with photography and film, she works in these two mediums exploring themes around culture, identity and diaspora.
Katherine Parhar is a writer, curator and art historian specialized contemporary photography that deals with issues of identity, culture and gender based in Glasgow. She co-edits the Scottish journal Studies in Photography.

Trans Five is a project that will exhibit the work of five photographers from a country represented in Scotland’s diasporas – one of them will win a residency working in a community of their choice, supported by a Scottish photographer or collective.

John Farrell, Aidan Ford, Emma Sandstrom Ideas for a new photographic space

Sandstrom, Farrell, and Ford are three fourth year fine art photography students at Glasgow School of Art. Each of our individual practices explores different possibilities within photography, ranging from more traditional photographic practice to the conceptual and the avant-garde.

Ideas for a new photographic space will discuss the need to establish an artist run space that specialises in photographic practice and the alternative possibilities that could offer such as a gallery space for expanded lens-.based art