November 2014: Mika Hannula

TalkSeePhotography’s November event will see Finnish Curator Mika Hannula present his ideas behind the thought-provoking book “Tell It Like It Is – Contemporary Photography and the Lure of the Real”.


© Annika Von Hausswolff

The book brings together discourses which have relevance to our understanding of photography. It is based on conversations with contemporary practice and close readings of amongst others John Grierson (Scottish pioneering “father” of the documentary). Between these tropes Hannula deconstructs discussions around poststructural and modernist claims to contemporary photography and art theory. The dialogue in the book takes place through the engaged participation of four Scandinavian lens-based artists: Mads Gamdrup, Annika von Hausswolff, Esko Männikkö and Vibeke Tandberg.

It builds an argument for a discourse that understands photography – not as a strictly controlled medium but as a content-driven activity with a clear sense of how the variations of its present articulations connect to the past and the future. Mika Hannula is a writer, critic, curator and professor for artistic research at the Department of Photography, Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg.

Mika Hannula is a popular and challenging thinker and his talk will be particularly interesting to practitioners and curators/writers in photography alike. This event is part of a different series of upcoming events which will bring different Scandinavian photography practitioners and thinkers together with the contemporaries from the Scottish scene.