January 2014 : Arpita Shah & Sophie Gerrard

TalkSeePhotography’s January session will see Arpita Shah and Sophie Gerrard from Document Scotland present.


© Sophie Gerrard

The organisation Document Scotland is the fruit of a shared vision of 4 Scottish reportage/documentary photographers: Colin McPherson, Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Stephen McLaren, and Sophie Gerrard.

Their aim is to promote photographic documentation of contemporary Scotland. They are particularly interested in contemporary society and the political circumstances Scotland stand before at this moment of time.

With the aim to promote visual/photographic story telling to record the changing conditions in Scotland from a mono-cultural industrial economic landscape to a multicultural country with devolved rights to certain self-governance and the future possibility of a total shift of powerbase they contribute on broad front to the community through different engagements.

Amongst these are exhibitions, collaborations and the publication Document Scotland.

Arpita Shah is visual artist and arts community facilitator based in Edinburgh. She is born in India but spent a large part of her life living between India, Ireland and the Middle East before settling in Scotland. Shah is devoted to narrate stories of transitions and understanding the experience of shifting cultural identities. Her work tends to draw from Asian and Eastern mythology, using it both visually and conceptually to explore issues of cultural displacement in the Asian Diaspora. She studied Photography at Napier University and has been involved in several artist residencies and community arts project around Scotland. This includes residencies at Street Level Photoworks, Ankur Arts and on The Albert Drive Project.


© Arpita Shah