December 2013: Linda Varoma & Jenny Wicks

TalkSeePhotography’s December session will see Jenny Wicks and Linda Varoma (The Hasselblad New Photography prize winner).


©Linda Varoma

Linda Maria Varoma will present her latest series “The Singing Neighbour”, which is a celebration and recognition to the old Estonian singing tradition. The images settles somewhere between urban and rural, portraits and landscapes; when this tradition of singing discuss the problem of labelling, historical rightfulness and political objectivity, and question what is allowed to be shown, who decides what the truth is and who bears the consequences. Being in the middle of a new work right here in Scotland, the talk will also reflect on the practical side of working as an artist and the process and importance of accurate research. Where does the ideas come from and how to work around them in order to make photographs and get your message through?

© Jenny Wicks

© Jenny Wicks

Jenny Wicks photographic practice explores critical perspectives on issues surrounding social hierarchies & classification: human nature – how much of whom we are is determined by the communities in which we live. Her systematic manner connects in a sociological and philosophical sense but also in photographic terms. Wicks’ practice has developed to include audio and video in the creation of site-specific installations. In this talk she will present three projects (They are Us and Working Spaces Punishing, Spaces, Root Ginger and All that I am) that explore aspects of using a collaborative documentary realism, scientific aesthetics as well as in an autobiographical narrative.

Linda Maria Varoma born 1985 in Helsinki, Finland. Lives and works in Loviisa, Finland.  2013 – 2014 Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, U.K. From 2007 – 2011 Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Uusikaarlepyy

Jenny Wicks Born Preston, Lancashire. U.K. Lives & works in Glasgow. 2014: Postgraduate Masters of Letters Fine Art Practice, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. In 1997: Media Production, Photography. BA (Hons),Humberside University