October 2013: Christina McBride & Fabien Marques

In this month’s TalkSeePhotography we will have the opportunity to share the work of the photographers Christina McBride and Fabien Marques. McBride and Marques are both deeply engaged in aesthetically based research. Their works confront their chosen field of interest to with the aim to challenge assumptions around the possibilities and impossibilities of the medium. The presentations will be followed by a discussion.


© Christina McBride

Christina McBride will briefly introduce the context of her process and then focus more on recent projects particularly a forthcoming bookwork entitled ‘Bound’. With the landscape as a point of departure she responds to the arbitrary tracks in nature and examine its cultural meanings to examine ambitions and intentions, which lie beyond the formally aesthetic or personally expressive. Underpinning this is an on going questioning and testing of the analogue medium itself.

Fabien Marques will discuss the evolution of representation of tragic events and conflict. From photojournalism golden age to recent “late photography” trends, the authenticity of the image has been challenged and war images revealed their critical weaknesses. Linking historical case studies to his recent personal practice with other images makers work such as Jarr and Walid he questions the ability of photographic medium to represent tragic events and discuss possibilities for create meaning.


Fabien Marques: Verdun 1915


©Fabien Marques: Verdun 2012


McBride studied Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art then undertook her Masters at The Slade school of Art, London. Following several years of working within a Public Art context her work is now more in a lens-based practice. She is exhibited globally and teaches at on GSA undergraduate and Masters programs.

Marques is based in Lille (France). His artworks have been shown in the context of numerous exhibitions and festivals across Europe and he’s recently award by Archifoto International Awards of Architectural Photography. He is a member of Transmission and is currently working on a project-space for visual artists in North of France.