July 2013: Sam Dransfield & Marlena Morris

TalkSeePhotography’s August event presents two up-and-coming photographers with a mutual interest in investigation and inquiry.

Sam-and-MarlenaSam Dransfield and Marlena Morris will show and discuss the development of their work and influences since graduation from the Glasgow School of Art in 2012 and 2011. The presentations will be followed by an open discussion – a chance to express thoughts raised by the presentations or photography in general.

Sam Dransfield’s practice uses the camera and the body to investigate invisible everyday phenomenon such as electricity. Over the past year, Dransfield has continued to develop his photographic series From the Mouth to the Source, which is centred about a journey from a domestic light-switch to the source of electricity at the power station.

As the recipient of the Stills Graduate Award and the Alice Duncan travel price, Dransfield has continued his investigations both in Edinburgh and Japan. This is a great opportunity to get an insight into his work prior to his solo exhibition at the GSA this autumn.

Marlena Morris is interested in a scientific, archaeological approach to contemporary photography. Her practice investigates how we (as people, artists, and photographers) construct our reality and what that means in relation to photographic realities. Morris’ recent projects include the investigation of Cephalopods and qualities of utter alien-ness in domestic environments, and enquiring into the physical and psychological isolation of Coatbridge, a historic mining community. Born and raised in Oakland, California, Morris relocated to Glasgow to attend the Glasgow School of Art MFA program in 2009.